December 9

Last week Abbot Steve's pain level increased significantly, and hospice care was unable to relieve the pain, so he went to the hospital. Now he is at home with a pump to automatically deliver medication at regular intervals, but the situation is still quite delicate and challenging to manage. He is in good spirits, but the cancer continues to progress very rapidly.

Thank you, as always, for sending your good thoughts and wishes.

8 thoughts on “December 9

  1. Dear Abbot Steve,

    I bow to your courage and clarity as you "continue to respectfully engage in the process of dying" and to share this constantly changing learning and teaching with the extended sangha. I have fond and powerful memories of a simple lunch shared with you on the deck at Green Gulch years ago — your reminder that performing a task mindfully is not contradictory to doing it quickly! I cherish that moment with you, and am deeply moved as I follow your progress in this latest form of practice. Wishing you ease and compassion — grateful for your wisdom and example.

    Susan McIntosh

  2. Dear Abbot Stucky, My thoughts are with you as you experience this sudden journey and I appreciate the talks and thoughts you have sent to the Sangha.

    I recently read Sushila Blackman's wonderful book "Graceful Exits" and I pass along Basho's poem, which you may know:
    Sick, on a journey,
    Yet over withered fields
    Dreams wander on.
    Somehow it seems comforting to me and I hope to you.

    With deep bows for your service to all beings,

  3. John Renwick

    Hi Abbot Steve - very sorry the pain is troublesome. Many days I pray that a little may be sent my way - I have a little threshold gap to spare at the moment. Then when I feel an ache, I wonder if its from you and smile. Christine and Ren's rakasus are coming along. I'm watching the thread, noticing the fabric.

    Love to you,

  4. Mary Cunov

    I have been sitting more zazen lately. Here, images of you are often present---a feeling of you. Then my whole body is one big tear I am so grateful for the passion, direction and intention of your life and it's availability. Footprints in the vast snow. I am singing a song for you today!

    Love, Mary Cunov

  5. Steve, didn't you sing us something called "Boddhisattva Blues" at the "Alumni Reunion" at Tassajara in April 2012? And I believe you wrote it? Is it taped and online anywhere? I just searched on YouTube and didn't find it. It would be wonderful if it could be posted there.

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