Funeral Ceremony To Be Live Streamed

Photo: Sara TashkerThe funeral ceremony for Myogen Steve Stücky at 3 pm on Sunday, February 9, will be live streamed from Green Dragon Temple on SFZC's live stream channel. In addition, the live stream will be projected on a screen at City Center for those who wish to join in the ceremony by coming together in this way. The recording will be available on the channel shortly afterward for later viewing.


14 thoughts on “Funeral Ceremony To Be Live Streamed

  1. Steven Harper

    Thanks for the link. I will be attending via live stream as I am not able to make the ceremony as I had hoped. Grateful to all that are supporting this ceremony and honoring of Myogen.

  2. Sara Spaulding-Phillips

    Rain drove us away sadly from being at Steve's memorial today. We were tending to rain problems at Sea Ranch. Great grief poured from above this weekend gracing Steve's Journey and all who love him. Sara Spaulding-Phillips.

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