November 5

Steve_110413Abbot Steve's pain level fluctuates a great deal, and periodic supplemental doses of medication are needed around the clock to keep it manageable. Also, fatigue and weakness make simple ventures from the bed seem like major efforts.

Somehow, even through his weakness and discomfort, Abbot Steve shines through like this at various moments.


5 thoughts on “November 5

  1. Pat Hendricks

    Beloved Abbot Steve,
    May my words join with those of many others. Words that tell you of the puddles of tears soon becoming rivers. Tears of sublime joy to behold your blooming, forever happiness. Tears that say 'yes, I am willing to walk with you on the path of these days'.
    Remember "This land is your land, this land is my land" as you joined us to bid farewell to the trees of the Hayes Valley Community Farm with your deep voice and guitar.

    All my gratitude is yours, Myogen Steve.
    with all blessings and bows,

    Pat Hendricks

  2. John Renwick

    Hi Abbot Steve

    Construction guys working on re-sealing the windows got an eyeful of your well-being ceremony just now. I suppose they don't see things like Buddha altars and chanting much. I hoped they would receive a little of the offering and ... then came the thought, what will i receive of their sensibility?

    with love

  3. Dear Myogen Steve Stucky.

    I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the same time you were. The first reminder speaks of the preciousness and rarity of human form at every moment of our lives; nonetheless, there seems to be something especially precious, like a jewel within a jewel, about the time we have left between when we are awake to the truth we are going to die and our death. A lot of nonsense just falls away. We must be grateful.
    The way of all things:
    Only a single leaf falls,
    Yet every leaf falls.

    with deep respect and compassion


  4. Daya Goldschlag

    My heart cries. I send love to you, Steve, and to Lane. With wishes for less pain and more ease. Am thinking of you both very often, Daya (Dianne)

  5. Larraine McGraw

    Dear Abbot

    We are sitting with your intention here in far- off Milwaukee. Be well!
    Thanks for your smile.

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