October 20 Update: Going Home

Dear Friends,

October 20
October 20

I spoke with Abbot Steve late this morning. He reported that he will be discharged from hospital tomorrow. I did not speak with him for long, as he was surrounded by many members of his family today, including two siblings, in-laws, one of his children, and grandchildren. Abbot Steve's return home is really good news because he very much wants to go home. I will see him in the morning and send an update as I can with more information about his current condition and plans for treatment.

Yesterday Abbot Steve said, "It is three weeks tomorrow that I started my new life. I am learning things every day, which is good." That struck me as an astounding statement. I will just say that these last three weeks have been sobering and wondrous for me. I recognize what a gift Abbot Steve is, and I am trying my best to take care of that gift for the benefit of all beings.



17 thoughts on “October 20 Update: Going Home

  1. Jordan

    Have never met Steve, but this has flexed my determination to continue sitting ( think I'm sitting too hard!), and we at Yokoji are honored with your continued contribution. Thank you fer letting me sit with this.

  2. Marsha Kahm

    What a beautiful smile. I have never met you Steve but my thoughts are with you on this new journey.
    I am so very grateful for your grace, courage and generosity.

  3. Mary, I cannot thank you enough for sending the updates on Abbot Steve. I sat with Steve long ago at his and Lane's home in Mill Valley. Bob and I have you in our thoughts, Steve. Thank you for your continued insights and for being willing to share your journey with us.

  4. John Renwick

    Hi Abbot Steve - Your face does look so nice. Last night, after a little well being ceremony for you, I was playing with the dog. I felt a sort of kind parent to this dog in a way I had not before. I couldn't help thinking it was your presence coming through.

  5. Kathryn Stark

    So good to see you smiling, with clear eyes, open, meeting what comes.
    Love and prayers,

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