3 thoughts on “October 27: Smelling the Roses

  1. Hi Steve,
    A few days ago I finally got after a dead branch in my plum tree. After some initial cuts with a pole saw, I climbed a ladder to remove the rest. When I was up there sawing, I had a flashback to nearly 30 years ago. I was at Yvonne Rand's place in Muir Beach.. You asked me to thin out some branches on her plum tree. You came by and said something like, 'looks like you're having fun up there.' And indeed I was.

    Back in the present, I thought of you and remembered that climbing a ladder to remove plum branches is a miracle and wonder. Now I see you pictured smelling a rose and think of the many kindnesses I received from my old employer and fellow student of the Way.


  2. Larry Wallman

    Dear Steve;

    So good to see your smiling face. Wendy and I think of you every day and send our love.


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