October 29

Dear Friends,
I apologize for not writing an update for a few days. Time seems to get away from me, and the web editor is kind enough not to send me deadlines.

Steve_standing_rosebush_Oct25Abbot Steve took a walk in the yard this afternoon again today and spent some time talking to David, his old foreman. David and the crew that are here worked for Steve when he owned the landscape design company before Abbot Steve was "Abbot Steve." Currently they are working at the house doing extensive fence and other outdoor repairs.

In general, the process of this disease is continuing. Abbot Steve is requiring more and more in the way of pain control, and that affects his entire system.

Lane and Abbot Steve are on a very steep learning curve and are in consultation with a number of physicians in order to find a balance between the pain and the side effects that the medications cause.

Each day presents a slightly different challenge.

Abbot Steve continues to be extremely grateful for all the well wishes he receives and for the chanting that is being done on his behalf. He asks that all these be done not only with him in mind but to all those who are in need.

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts,

6 thoughts on “October 29

  1. Reirin Gumbel

    Dear Abbot Steve and everyone who is taking care of you,

    The Green Gulch community holds a daily well-being service in the morning, except on public program days. Tomorrow we will also include Fred Maroth and Daigan Lueck. We all wish you ease and equanimity in this difficult time. Autumn is beautiful here, with all the late flowers and wildlife. May you appreciate your garden!

    Love from Reirin

  2. John Renwick

    Thanks for your wonderful example, asking us to chant for others as well. My husband, Ming, and me are having a bit of a hard time, so I've been dedicating it to us too. Feels a little funny to dedicate merit to one's own life and relationship.

  3. Mary,

    Please pass on my love and gratitude to Steve. I just heard about his current challenge from a friend. Steve's courage and passion are an inspiration to all.

    I first met Steve when I visited Tassajara after the big fire and was asked to help the Zen Center develop a balanced and rational approach to fire risk reduction. Steve was always there to provide a guiding hand and to keep the conversation focused on what really mattered - love of place and the love for each other.

    It is an honor to say I know Steve and had the privilege to work with him.

    Much love,

  4. Fran and Wayne Erickson

    Thank you for sharing this pathway with so many that love and care for you and Lane

  5. It is so amazing that Abbot Steve is in this place at this time, so soon after walking miles every day and sleeping outdoors with us. I think of him often. And I dedicate merit for others as well as for him - a little lopsidedly. My sister is doing the same path.

    I realize that I almost missed him in my time at SFZC. What good fortune for me that we finally met.

  6. Tai Sheridan

    Not knowing how the pony express gets through to you, I'm going to write you here: This mornings sunlight on Mt Tam somehow erases the yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows...but it can't erase standing on my tiptoes to hug you when we meet, or the dharma gifts and friendship you have blessed me with for so many decades. Lucky me. Bows and blessings as you, Lane, family, and community share these tender moments. And a big groundhog hug. 🙂 - Tai

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